Head Start and Early Head Start programs face unprecedented challenges in the current environment of limited funding, while meeting complex family and community needs.  A consultant provides a valuable “outsider” view of a program’s strengths and challenges, and can serve as a technical advisor in achieving compliance.  As your management consultant, Kristen will help your management team resolve outstanding issues, address potential challenges proactively, and utilize a strength-based approach to program implementation.

Sample technical assistance services for grantees, delegates, and partner organizations:

  • Writing the Community Assessment in accordance with Federal regulatory requirements
  • Facilitating the Self-Assessment process, which includes planning, data collection, and report writing
  • Conducting the program design and management component of the Self-Assessment
  • Conducting a "mock" monitoring review to assist the client with preparing for or responding to a Federal review
  • Assisting the client with correcting non-compliances identified during the Federal review process or program self-assessment process, including writing a corrective action plan
  • Improving monitoring and oversight of delegate agencies and partners
  • Writing and reviewing agency policies and procedures to ensure consistent implementation of Federal regulatory requirements